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Starving Children Miss Christmas Rush

Peace Arch News – Jan 15, 2008

Chung Chow photo

Moved by compassion, Sue Janetti helps starving orphans who have lost their parents due to the AIDS epidemic in their former hometown in Zimbabwe. But words can not begin to describe the desperation the Crescent Beach artist is feeling now.
Resourceful children on the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe, made hundreds of hand-made wire geckos and ornaments, counting on Janetti to sell them before Christmas so they could have enough money to buy food. Only one problem: The shipment came too late for the festive season. So Janetti is pleading for the public to come to the rescue, as the children are utterly dependent on the profits of these ornaments to buy food.

She is asking people to donate $10 for each gecko, star or angel they receive – which will be enough money to feed a child for two to three months. Imagine having nothing to eat but rotting cabbage. That’s the plight of thousands of innocent children, and they are thankful for the putrid food because it’s still better than an empty plate. Continue reading Starving Children Miss Christmas Rush