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The Penny Story

Judah and Abigail delivering their donation
Judah and Abigail delivering their donation

Judah (age six) wanted to give all of the pennies that his family had to the ‘poor’ kids in Africa. He and his sister Abigail (age four-and-a-half) rolled all their pennies, by themselves, and they ended up with fourteen rolls, or seven dollars worth. They put them in a box to deliver them to Susan, and Judah made a note on the box that said, “Money for the Poor.” It’s wonderful to see young children have such compassion for others, and take the initiative to make a difference.

Thanks Judah and Abigail for your support!

Need A Creative Idea For Your Next Party?

Host a Shipping Container Party!
Ask your friends and family to bring items to be donated to our new Container Project. Items we need most are medical supplies (such as Tylenol, Polysporin, Aspirin, etc), new or gently used clothing for children up to age 15, and a variety of non-electronic tools (including gardening tools).

Looks like fun!
Looks like fun!

Jane from Vernon recently hosted a Medical Party for her 60th birthday (for guests to donate medicine) and even invited her guests to wear their best (or silliest) hats to be judged in a Best Hat Contest!

Thanks Jane and Greg for your wonderful donations!

Knitting Up A Storm!

SONY DSCThe ladies of the Peace Portal Alliance Church have been busy sewing and knitting items for Susan to take to Zimbabwe. They’ve also provided step-by-step instructions and patterns to teach to the micro-business projects we support in Zimbabwe, so widows can create their own source of income by creating quality handmade items and selling them.

SONY DSCThe amount of time, energy and creativity these volunteers have put into this project is truly impressive, and Susan remarked she had a wonderful time sharing stories with the ladies while they taught her how to sew some of the basic patterns, and felt truly blessed by their generous hearts.

Thanks to all who participated! It’s gestures like this that truly make a difference in the lives of those suffering in Zimbabwe.