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 - Message from Susan Janetti in Zimbabwe

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Message from Susan Janetti

Greetings from Zimbabwe,

Hello everyone.  After months of fundraising we are finally back in Zimbabwe after very long  flights. We left our home in Vancouver on  December 31st at 9 am and arrived in Harare on January 2nd at 7pm.    We  had to start work almost immediately as a container sent in August had arrived in October.  It needed to be unpacked and dispersed immediately to allow room for the 2nd container which is now sitting at the border and hopefully will arrive here tomorrow.    Most of the October load had already been offloaded at Karunda hospital.  Dr. Paul Thistle, whom I met on Friday with his lovely family, had already offloaded  most of the medical supplies.  He and I are most appreciative of MEMO, a ministry of EFCCM, and of Dr. Jerome Harvy, for all the supplies.   Dr. Thistle was delighted with everything, and said  that with the donations he is able to do so much more for the people of Zimbabwe. More medical supplies from both containers will soon be on their way to the Wedza hospital and Dube clinic in Wedza, as well as Karunda Hospital and our clinics and wellness centers.   

School starts tomorrow and I will be paying all the school fees for our supported children  who always say a big Thank You!  I will make sure I take pictures of all of them this year. Some of the kids have now finished school and with permission I will be transferring these donations towards supporting the new sewing and carpentry center.

This is a letter I received from a young man who has a missions heart.  We,  Zimbabwe Gecko Society and (MEMO), supplied him with electronics to support the teaching of students about electronics.

”Dear Sue,

Francis (my assistant and former university student) and I are excited and very happy about the things that arrived.   I feel like a street kid who is eating a first meal in years and its a gourmet meal … almost can't believe it... We want to start setting up the lab without delay.   We have a container very close to University of Zimbabwe which will be perfect location for students to access.

I'm even more amazed at the fact that most things are "new"... It is very significant in the electronics world and a really massive blessing!


Everything with my name on the list you sent is here. (Jerome list) praise the Lord.

Thanks again to you and your team, we are very excited.  The oscilloscope and soldering stations are especially good it is difficult to access good stuff like this here.  I hope to send you a photo of our lab and some smiling faces in the next month!

We are grateful

Kenyon “

Our work this year, besides delivering school and medical supplies to many areas, is mostly focused at CTT  which is now called The New Hope Center.

We started this project with  9 children (orphans and vulnerable children) and  with Joy Chidavenzi in 2008.   It now supports 600 children with the potential of 1000 once we have added some school rooms.

The New Hope Center now hosts a very large church, a well built clinic, goats, and chickens.  Great potential for huge crops.   This past season they harvested 60 tons of maize, the result of the Farming God's Way program that we made available to many in the community.  

The program educates 600 children from preschool all the way through high school.   However, the first classrooms that were put up were really just wooden garden sheds that have now all but fallen down.  

Our goal this year is to build large classrooms from brick. We won't have enough funds to do all the classrooms needed, but we will be off to a good start.  

At the same time  Ross, Harry, and Frank will be working on the two containers and converting them into a 8’x40' carpentry workshop and the other into a sewing center and office area.    We will place the containers 20’ apart and then put a roof over the space in between making another 20’by 40’  area which will also be used for instructions, meetings,  and whatever comes up.    

The purpose of this building is to give basic instructions to the teens that have now finished school, but with an 92% unemployment rate in the country, have no place to go. Learning carpentry or sewing may not be their goal, but some may shine and find an occupation in the field, others will have learned skills for the future. We have all the tools, fabric, and supplies in the container ready to be put to good use.  

We are most appreciative of all the donations of wood, roofing, nails, sewing machines, toys, tools, school supplies, medical supplies,  and just too much to mention.   Dell Marie of Compassionate Warehouse  and her team have put a lot of effort into the packing of supplies again this year.  This is going to be a great project.

Liz and Glen from WR Baptist church are also joining us:  Liz to help me unpack, sort, and distribute goods, while Glen will be working at the school and teaching the kids Safety First,  simple carpentry skills,  as well as Biblical instruction.  A full crew.

Dr. Ray Markham, along  with his wife and board member Alison, and a small team of  doctors and volunteers will be arriving in Zimbabwe  around  February 20th, just after our team, without me, goes home.  I will fill you in on their activities in the next newsletter.  Part of the team will be holding a clinic for all the children at the New Hope Program  to have their annual check up as well as working in other areas.

So much more happening but I need to go to sleep, ready for the big container placement and unpacking tomorrow.

Thank you to all who support our efforts with prayer, finances, church facilities, all the donations of gifts in the container, and a 1000 other ways you support our efforts.  

We  thank God for this mission and the ability to serve in this way .   I feel so alive when I am here serving the people.    It is so good this year not to be stopped by police every few miles.   That is the main change we have experienced so far plus the anticipation of a better future.  

Bless you all,  

Sue  Janetti


2018 Annual Garage Sale

Helping Support Needy Communities

Saturday April 28th, 2018

8 am - 2 pm

White Rock Baptist Church
1657 140th Street, Surrey, BC

The date is fast approaching for our annual garage sale, which gets bigger and better every year! Please help us out, if you can, by donating gently used items or by volunteering. 100% of the money raised will  go towards our awesome programs that help those in need in Zimbabwe!

How You Can Help:

• Save your new or gently used items that you no longer need (no electronics or large furniture please).

• Deliver them to the White Rock Baptist Church on Friday April 27th, between noon and 8 pm.

• Help us by volunteering on  April 27th & 28th (contact Susan or Marie - see info below).

• Pass the word on to your friends!

And be sure to come shopping

or just visit and enjoy some lunch on

Saturday April 28th!!!

For further information please contact:                                           

Susan Janetti (Sue is in Zimbabwe until the end of February) at zimbabwegecko@gmail.com   (604) 531-3654


Marie Smith at  gmariebeaudette@gmail.com



Thank-You for your support!

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