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- Thank you to our Volunteers

- Latest Accomplishments in Zimbabwe

- Another container is being filled for Zimbabwe and we need your help to ship it!

- Bottle Depot Account

- Art Sale - Saturday & Sunday, Oct 14th & 15th

- Annual Dinner - Saturday, October 21st


Thank you to our Volunteers!

Happy Summer Everyone!

First and foremost, we would like to thank all our volunteers who helped us make this year’s annual garage sale a huge success. We would also like to thank everyone who supports us financially and with their talent and dedication. We truly appreciate each and everyone of you who have given us your time and energy. We could not have accomplished anything without all your efforts. The proceeds are going to good use, as you will see when you read forward.  A sincere THANK YOU to all!

Sue and Frank Janetti


Latest Accomplishments in Zimbabwe

Dear friends,

Whilst we are enjoying the sunshine of summer in Canada, Zimbabwe is living through the cold of its winter.   Don't feel too badly for them, as their evenings are the same temperature as our daytime. Mind you, it feels cold to them, and many go about their days dressed in all the clothes they possess just to keep warm.  Many do not have blankets or have some that are threadbare and almost useless, so nights can be quite cold.

 But do you hear Zimbabweans complain? No!  I still think that despite all their hardship, they are some of the happiest people on earth. They always greet us with a huge smile and love a good story or joke. You just need to sit near a market place to see and hear the fun and laughter to know that.

What has been going on since we left you may ask?    LOTS ....... 

Our main project this year was in a small remote town called Wedza, 135 km from Harare. Harry and Ross McClelland joined us on this trip and with the help of Frank and the local people, they put together an amazing center using the 2 containers, shipped from Canada, loaded with medical supplies and other needed equipment.

 Many courses will be offered at the center.  Farming, Carpentry, Nutrition, Midwifery, First Aid, Aids Care, Teaching, and just about every course that folk want to take. 

Dr Ray Markham, along with his wife Alison and children, once again traveled to Zimbabwe with a team of medical students and doctors. The hospitals and clinics always look forward to interacting with the Canadian doctors who fill a huge gap.  So many people to see and treat.  Most  go home with experiences they will never have to go through again.  One doctor left behind every possession he had including his new iPhone as a response to all he had witnessed.   

Opening day was attended by Members of Parliament, Chiefs, Sabuks, residents from near and far.   The singing and rejoicing could be heard for miles I am sure. 

The Member of Parliament, the Hon. David Musabayana, opened in prayer and then discussed the benefits of tourism and volunteerism to the area of Wedza, in particular Imire Game Park (where the containers are set down). Tourism and projects support not only the local population, but the animals as well.  

If you would like to travel with us to volunteer at Imire (see Imire Game Park website), or simply as a tourist, this can be arranged at a fraction of the cost of a travel agent through friends within the country.  

One container was converted into a carpentry workshop equipped with every tool imaginable. The back 12 feet became a sewing room absolutely full of thread, machines and fabric, as well as beads, basket weaving supplies, wool and needles, and lace for every need.

 The other container was converted into sleeping and study quarters for 12 people.    People who travel for miles to get to a course need a place to rest as well as to concentrate.

The two containers were placed 20 feet apart, a roof built over the space, and the floor cemented, creating an area of  many uses:  church, preschool, training center, workplace, movie night and whatever you can dream up.   

After pouring a cement floor and adding doors for security, the space is being well used.

Knitting class.

Sewing class.


Another container is being filled for Zimbabwe.

We are filling another container, and are planning to send it as soon as we have raised enough funds.

I actually don't plan these containers. They JUST HAPPEN ! I believe God answers the prayers of many who pray both in Zimbabwe for needs and in Canada with generous donations of all kinds.

This latest container project started with a phone call from Elfrieda  Wheeton from the Alliance Church, offering me another 3000 meters of fabric. What could I say?  And so it began, "Do you want hospital beds, toys, school supplies, wool, sewing machines,blankets, sheets, dishes, bed pans, syringes, needles, hospital supplies, maternity supplies, clinic supplies, baby blankets, pillowcase dresses, tuques, and more?   I said yes to all with no place to store it!

Dell Marie Wergeland and Opel Neufeld came to the rescue; Opal took all the fabric and cut it into 3 meter pieces , boxed them all, and stored the boxes in her garage. What a job! Dell Marie Wergeland from Compassionate Warehouse (who fills and sends all our containers)  provided a little storage and has generously allowed more.   HOWEVER, we need to get it out of where it is stored and what better way than to put it straight into a container headed for Zimbabwe?  Why wait until October?  

We have everything we need and want except the funds.  Would you like to be a part of this container project which will again be turned into a school room, provide our hospitals, clinics, and our schools with much needed supplies? If so,  please forward your donations to ZIMBABWE GECKO SOCIETY(ZGS) , #102 - 1744 128st, Surrey, BC, Canada V4A 3V4. Tax receipts will be issued by Compassionate Warehouse for those who require them. Thank you!


If you have returnable bottles that are accumulating in your home, and you just don't feel like sorting them, then we have the answer for you. The ZGS has an account with the White Rock Return It Depot at 3221 140 St, Surrey. You can just leave your bottles there, unsorted, and just say you want the proceeds to go to account #41;  they will do the rest!


AFRICAN ART SALE - Sat & Sun, Oct 14th & 15th

Ocean Park Community Center 1577 128th St.Surrey

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ANNUAL DINNER - Saturday, Oct 21st

Lots of Door Prizes!   Lots of basket  auction items.  Lots of good food, Lots to see and hear.   Book your tickets or book a table for 8 with your friends .  Tickets now on sale . 1st to book tickets sit in the best places and eat first :) Although the room is big and good spots for all. 


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