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Letter from Susan Janetti in Zimbabwe

Annual Garage Sale - Saturday, May 20th


Dear Family, Friends, and Donors,

Thank you to all who read our letters and who offer your prayers and support.

This trip has been quite an adventure so far.  We arrived in Harare on Jan. 6th, the same day as one of the containers, which only took four days to clear with minimum hassles.

We have had many remarkable things happen, but most of their telling will have to wait for another time.  We were stopped by the police who took our car into custody, but in retrospect, we feel that we were meant to meet and help some people at the police station. A man there had diabetes and gangrene, with his toes falling off.   Dr. Sue's diagnosis was to get help fast. I prayed with the policeman who was shocked and in his shock set us free (who was this weird woman?)! He was truly the worst policeman I have ever met and he was determined, in the three hours that he held us, to make life unpleasant. He set us all free after we prayed.  Another couple there, both of whom were seriously ill, were sent to my friends’ hospital (there is much more to that story!).  

After we were freed, we were driving on the "highway" at 80 km/hour, when one of our wheels and the half shaft came off and bounced into oncoming traffic, missing other cars by inches. Fortunately, we had a good driver who managed to safely stop on the side of the road. We were rescued by a man  who drove with an eagle perched on his left arm while steering with his right at break neck speeds, while the eagle pooped on me! His driving scared me more than the accident!

The following day, while packing the container boxes, a big table with a two-inch hook came crashing down, the hook embedding itself deeply into my leg.  So off to the trauma center we went, where they were going to charge me $75 for stitches until they saw the damage.  It had cut into the muscle and one of the veins. The surgeon had to be called and did a wonderful job.  More stitches inside than out. All is now well and I am walking just fine.  

We have progressed very well with the work, and will be able to relax a little soon. The second container is arriving tomorrow. So all is going well.  

We had a huge, exciting storm last night with thunder and lightning.  We have never experienced anything like it before. Better than any fireworks.   

The CTT program is a huge success and proceeding even better than planned. Harry, Ross, Frank, and helpers Lucky and Donati, are all doing a marvelous job with the container conversion and are now anxiously awaiting the second  one. One container will house twelve people at a time while they are taking the Farming God's Way course; this will allow many people to take the course.  

The second container will be transformed into a carpentry workshop along with every tool needed. The two will be spaced 20 feet apart. Between the two, there will be a cement floor, a roof, and solidly locking doors. This space will be used as a church and community center, as well as a sewing center.  This is our biggest container conversion yet.     

Frank is well. Liz, who volunteered to come with me to sort and dispense goods from the container, is a hard worker and has been of huge help.  She is loving every moment, saying she has never felt better.

 For those of you who pray, keep praying please, as the police are brutal this year. 

Don't forget it is not just us doing the work.  Everyone of you has played and continues to play a role. Without you nothing would happen, and believe me, a lot is happening this year.

The rains are great this year. However, the mud is preventing us from reaching some areas. Getting stuck in the mud is no fun, but it seems there is always someone walking by who knows someone with a tractor to pull us out.  

All for now.

 Hugs Sue.

Container being unloaded in Zimbabwe.



2017 Annual Garage Sale

Helping Widows and Orphans in Need

Saturday May 20, 2017

8 am - 2 pm

White Rock Baptist Church
1657 140th Street, Surrey, BC

Hello Again Everyone! We are already planning our annual garage sale, which gets bigger and better every year! Please help us out, if you can, by donating items or by volunteering. 100% of the money raised will  go towards our awesome programs that help those in need in Zimbabwe!

How You Can Help:

• Save your new or gently used items that you no longer need (no electronics or large furniture please).

• Deliver them to the White Rock Baptist Church on Friday May 19th, between 3 pm and 8 pm.

• Help us by volunteering on  May 19th and 20st (contact Susan or Marie - see info below).

• Pass the word on to your friends!

And be sure to come shopping

or just visit and enjoy some lunch on

Saturday May 20st!

For further information please contact:                                           

Susan Janetti (Sue is in Zimbabwe until the end of March) at zimbabwegecko@gmail.com   (604) 531-3654


Marie Smith at  gmariebeaudette@gotmail.com
(604) 535-0602



Thank-You for your support!

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