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December 2015

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. A big Thank You for your support throughout 2015

 Frank and I are limping to the end of 2015 totally happy and satisfied that we are at last ready for our trip to Zimbabwe.  No Christmas decorations are in place, only a few Christmas cards sent out, no Christmas baking done, but all the paper work has been accomplished!!! We have 9 suitcases already packed full to their limit with wonderful gifts and useful tools for our trip. We leave December 28th.  Frank and Harry will be in Zimbabwe until mid February,  and I will be there until mid April.

The container, packed full of medical and educational supplies, arrived in Mozambique on December 21st,  and will now be sent on  to Zimbabwe either by road or train.  Frank and Harry will be converting the container into a preschool and sewing room,  and I will be there to open and distribute the contents. It usually takes about 3 months to sort and share the goods with many grateful folk, clinics, hospitals, schools, to mention a few.    A medical and teaching team will join me in Feb/March.

We have once again been blessed with your gifts by way of donations, volunteerism, garage sales, art purchases, dinner tickets, handmade gifts and useful items, as well as prayer, your time, and your  love.    Thank you.  Simple words.  Heart felt. 

We will endeavour to keep in touch. 

Sue and Frank

Thank-you for your support!

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