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January 2013

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Miracle on 34th Street
The story of burn victims Clara and Munashe Anderson

Everyone Can Make a Difference!
How three youths are helping raise funds for the Zimbabwe Gecko Society

Update on our Efforts in Zimbabwe
News about our successful Kambuzuma Project, Foundations for Farming, and Sponsored Children

We've Done Some Renovating
Our new website is now up and running

Miracle on 34th Street
(Julius Nyere Way)

We recently told you about Clara and Munashe Anderson, how these two badly burned girls did not fall under our mandate with EFCCM but how a couple of friends on hearing of their plight made a donation of $1000. That $1000 made it possible for these girls to get to South Africa for medical treatment where they were introduced to a program called Children of Fire and offered a full year's medical treatment free. This treatment including stay is worth over $100,000. Talk about funds being multiplied tenfold!

We would like to support these children with their education while in hospital as well as some basic comforts and a few treats. If you would like to sponsor or contribute to one of these girls please be in touch. We are not posting photos here due to their graphic content but if you would like to meet Clara and Munashe by photo you can visit our website where we have posted a blog about them.

Clara and Munashe received their first ever Christmas Stocking this Christmas. The joy of watching these girls open their gifts is equal to the joy the girls have in receiving them. Their prized gift a teddy bear donation, was organized by Kathryn, the VP Manager at the Peninsula Village Liquor Store. Thanks as always, Kathryn!

Everyone Can Make a Difference!

Ksenia Pinski

Two years ago 13-old-Ksenia Pinski along with the Willingdon Church Youth Group caught vision of the Zimbabwe Gecko Society. She worked with the youth group who eventually raised over $7000 which went to restoring an old church building on the Saffron Waldon Property. This church is also home to the Chiedza Preschool which we equipped last year.

This year Ksenia, now 15, asked for some of our beaded ornaments and then set set about receiving donations for them at the Eric Hamber Secondary School where she attends. This week she handed Pastor Mark $465! Wow! Imagine if we all took a few beaded ornaments and told our friends about the Zimbabwe Gecko Society.

These funds will go towards equipping our newest project at Kambuzuma (see more about the project on our website). Well done Ksenia, awesome job! Thanks also to the students of Eric Hamber Secondary, your efforts will make a huge difference in Zimbabwe.

Emma St Peters

In 2009 Emma St Peters who at 9-years-old decided she wanted to make a difference in Zimbabwe is still raising funds in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Emma receives donations for beaded ornaments. She raised over $500 in 2012 (see her story on our website). Thank-you Emma for your continued energy and enthusiasm. You are a true example to us all.

Emerson Krahn

"Our son Emerson is 6 years old.  With the holidays fast approaching, I was wanting to give something to our two boys in Zimbabwe for Christmas.  Trying to include Emerson in this process of giving, I wanted to teach our son that there are children in this world who have far less than we do and that we are so blessed to have the freedom and luxury of being involved in team sports.  Emerson is on a soccer team for the Peace Arch Soccer League.  Realizing that the school in Zimbabwe was in need of soccer balls, I thought of no better way than to teach our son about their needs.  To raise money, we made 75 candy sticks to be sold at a craft fair.  We sold them for $1.00 each and made $120.00.  Emerson was amazing.  He explained to everyone, "you give me money, I will give you a stick, and we will use the money to buy soccer balls for children in Africa!"  I was so proud of him as he worked that craft fair and thankful for the opportunity to teach our son a valuable life lesson." 

from Emerson's mom, Michelle Krahn

Update on Our Efforts in Zimbabwe

We are not able to travel to Zimbabwe right now due to a health concern with my husband Frank but I can assure you the work continues. This month with the help of my brother Norman and Fortune, both Zimbabwe Gecko Society Directors, we are starting to build toilets at the Kambuzuma church.   Toilets are needed as a pre-requisite to building the school we are planning with the church board.  The school will not only help young children get an education but the building will be used to assist some of the thousands who need to catch up on school due to lack of school fees or who only have fees for a few months a year.  The building will also be used to house micro-loan business training for the  local widows. As the project grows so will our ability to  facilitate other projects on the premises, including training in agriculture and chicken raising.

We also have many other projects that support sustainable lifestyle planned. We enjoy providing funds for folk  to attend the Foundations for Farming course and providing seed to get started after the course. $25 provides enough seed to provide a household with food for a year.
We continue to provide funds to sponsored children.  This past month Sponsors and Sponsored have managed to communicate by letters delivered by e mail.   A $50 Christmas Gift was also given to each child to provide some neccities such as clothing and school supplies as well as a sweet or two I should imagine.

Chiedza Pre-School still enjoyes full classes.

I have just had word from our African Area Director Petros Yergaitian. He
is planning on visiting our projects in Harare with Norman and Fortune our Zimbabwe Directors.  Petros will once again confirm that the work is going ahead in a manner suitable to meet the expectations of all our donors. We pray for safe travels and good relationships built with the Zimbabwean people. 

More information to follow next month.

We've Done Some Renovating

Our fantastic new website is now up-and-running! Many thanks to our new webmaster Melina Neufeld who designed and developed the website, and is helping with the maintenance. Melina also designed this year's Christmas Gift cards which were very successful in raising donations. Her website is

Also a thanks to Savvas Kyriakides who continues to host the website for us as a donation and was integral in setting it up. His site is

Please let us know what you think of the new site! You can also help us gain more followers by sharing information about our website using one of the "Share" buttons located at the bottom of each page and on blog entries. Even if you are unable to donate to us, spreading the word about the Zimbabwe Gecko Society is a great way to help us help those in need.

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