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February 2015

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in writing, I have not had much access to the internet and when I do it is for brief moments.

Frank and I arrived in Harare on the 1st January with Petros and Arlene from EFCCM arriving a few days later.  Unfortunately we were not able to accomplish much together as I was ill the first week and they were ill  the proceeding two weeks. However we did fit in one trip to Chugutu where I was able to show them the results of sending folk to the Foundations for Farming course (aka Farming God's way). We were also able to visit some local folk in their homes and witness great need. 

Three days before they left Harry and Ross McClelland arrived from Vancouver to serve with us in particular at CTT where 425 children are fed twice a day and educated for free.  They certainly put their skills to use  (of which they have many).  School desks were fixed as were the wooden shack classrooms that really need replacing. Tables and benches were made for all the high school kids.  Wheelbarrows that were in the dump were hauled out and repaired--I think about a dozen of them--to the delight of all the farm workers.  Clinic shelves went up in all rooms.

The floors were painted and examination tables were made. Toilets and sinks made to work as well as basic toilet accessories.  Their first job was to make the clinic secure with burglar bars on all windows.  Even little jobs like fixing car lights and hanging pictures was accomplished. Thanks Harry and Ross (plus wives who did not attend this year) your mission hearts was truly a blessing for all. (See you next year! :-) )  They were here for 5 weeks and accomplished much.  I think their highlights were seeing how people worship freely in church, the children's smiles and knowing they were making a difference.

 Let me know if you would like to be a part of this type of service.

Frank and I spent much time trying to organize the (background) permission to work, getting the papers necessary and finding all the screws , nuts, bolts, etc that were needed for many jobs (it is not like going to Home Hardware and getting all you need).   We also had to truck in river sand, pit sand, bricks, rubble, rebar, roofing, goats to mention a few.

Whilst the men were busy we organized the start of building a church also at CTT (Centre for Total Transformation - New Hope Program).  It will eventually be a grand structure for people to worship and will certainly be a drawing card for those looking for a church.  Many are already making enquiries.

Two large breeding goat pens are going up. The plan is to breed for a year and then pass on a lot more goats.

Two temporary school rooms are being built which will eventually become storage rooms when we build a proper school.   Interested in making this happen?  Please let me know!

So as you can see a lot is being accomplished.

Frank returned home yesterday as he is needing  medical tests and I will remain until the 17th of April to support the medical team, students and playground builders that will be on their way here starting the 24th of March.  I certainly look forward to meeting all of them and seeing what a difference they will make in Zimbabwe as well as taking skills home to Canada.

Thank you each and every one of you for your donations of clothing, fabric, knitted items which I have had much joy in handing out to the needy.  We rely on you to keep going and doing the work we do!

As I always say without you, your prayers, support and donations, Nothing Happens!! 

Most of the churches we visit here start the service with:

God is Good  with the response  All the Time

followed by

All the time  with the response   God is Good

It is quite humbling to hear people in great need saying and meaning it.

Please continue to pray for God's will to be done,  health, accomplishments, and safety.

 Hugs and blessings,

Sue and Frank


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Thank-you for your support!


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