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January 2015

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Yearly Update for 2014

Looking ahead to 2015

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Frank and Susan are back in Zimbabwe to continue the mission of the society, having left for Zimbabwe on the 30th of December. Frank returns February 17th and Susan returns April 17th.

We have had a busy but truly blessed year.

Garage Sale:

Garage Sale Volunteers gave us all the help we needed! A very special thanks to Linda and Bill Elke, Don Mayhew and family and John Drent who trucked away hoards of "left-overs" for other stores or recycling.  What a job!

Also special thanks to Marie Smith for heading up the event with me and for all she does during the year, keeping finances and a hundred other things straight.  Also special thanks to Wendy Jones for advertising just about everywhere!!

Volunteers did everything from advertising to cooking, sorting, cleaning, setting up, accepting donations etc.  Great job to all - I dare not mention names lest I forget someone!

Of course the funds wouldn't have been raised without the donors.   It always come down to donors who without  which we would not have a ministry.

Fundraising Dinner:

This year's dinner was a big success with 220 people attending the  fun and informative evening.  Thank you again to volunteers and donors  again I say without you we would not have a ministry.

Arts & Crafts Sale:

We tried something new this year and had a Art and Crafts sale.  Most of the beautiful table cloths, runners, spoons, jewlery, baskets and hundreds of other items disappeared very quickly.  The smaller art pieces sold well but not so much the bigger ones, perhaps due to the time of year (smaller ones made good Christmas presents). If you want to look or have a favourite coffee shop to hang and sell please let me know.

It was a big success thanks again to Wendy advertising just about everywhere.  A special thanks to John Drent who looked at all the articles and then at the unalarmed door and volunteered to sleep over to protect our goods. Poor man hardly slept if in fact he did. We certainly appreciate his help at all our events.  Thanks John!! 

Also a special thanks to the Bible study group from the White Rock Baptist Church and White Rock Community Church who came out and set up the hall so beautifully.  Wow, a 6-hour job done in two hours! Well done!!  Again thanks to the volunteers and those who came to the event to shop; without you we would not have a ministry.

Giving Thanks:

As always thanks to White Rock Baptist Church who have supported us in many ways.   Offering the church hall and kitchen for our events is most appreciated. We must of course mention Marvellous Marvin without whom nothing happens!

Peace Portal Church  missions group have loaded our suitcases with beautiful hand knitted items which we look forward to distributing. Many thanks!

We will be organizing these events again next year and look forward to your participation!


So off we go!  We arrived in Zimbabwe on New Years Day.  Petros and Arlene from EFCCM joined us January 6th for 10 days and have given us permission to "set them to work"!  They will be helping to paint the clinic.

Harry and Ross McClelland joined us on January 8th until February 17th and are working on desks, bookcases in the clinic as well as general repair to classrooms at CTT  They have many talents and will be needed just about everywhere!

On March 8th our very first medical team will arrive consisting of 21 doctors, nurses, UBC medical students and community workers. They will contribute in a medical capacity and will also help build a playground for the 425 orphans at the CTT site.  The community will hold a meeting and let us know what is most beneficial for them.

We are looking forward the next exciting few months!


May you all have a healthy and happy new year! 


Thanks as always to all our supporters!
Sue and Frank Janetti


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