Give Hope this Christmas

Dear Friends, 

Frank an I have had a change in travel plans and instead of travelling to Zimbabwe in February we will be leaving December 30th. Frank will return mid February and I will stay to support the medical team as well as other teams through to April.  We both look forward to sharing your gifts and love offerings with the people of Zimbabwe.

We have recently had a very successful dinner and art and craft sale raising funds to complete many of the programs, more about that in my next newsletter in December. Today we would like to offer you an opportunity to support Zimbabwe Gecko Society while getting an early start on your Christmas shopping. 

Christmas Gift Cards Now Available!

At this time of year we welcome donations made to provide a specific gift for those we help in Zimbabwe.

With a minimum donation of $20, you can choose to give the gift of a Shona Bible, Soccer Ball, or provide housing for seniors.
A minimum donation of $40 will allow us to give a goat to a family in need, providing a sustainable source of both food and income.

All gift donations come with a card unique to the gift you choose to give.
Making a gift donation on behalf of a friend or loved one is a great gift for those on your list who already have everything, while giving to those who have next to nothing.

We will be delighted to take your gifts with us as late Christmas gifts. Your generosity as always is appreciated. Tax receipts provided.


Sue and Frank  

To make a gift donation, contact Susan at Thank you!