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July 2014

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Annual Fundraising Dinner

Zimbabwe Gecko Society Updates:

The Container/Library

Kambazuma Church

New Projects

Saffron Church, Church of the Nazarene and Kintyre School

Clara and Munashe

Garage Sale

More Updates

Annual Fundraising Dinner: October 18th

Doors Open: 6pm
Dinner: 6:30pm sharp
Tickets: $35 ea.

I would like to ask for your help once again. Please book a table of 8 and invite your friends to this fun event. First booked get the front seats.

Booking a table is a huge help to me! Book 2 or 3 if you want - collect the ticket price and mail me a cheque or pay me personally. 


• Butter Chicken

• Chicken Pot Pies

• Vegeterian Bean/Chick pea  dish

• Rice

• Salads

• Cobs Bread

• Punch

• Tea/Coffee

LOTS OF DOOR PRIZES  -   WINE BOARD -  GIFT BASKET DRAW - ART  and of course the Gecko table will be available 

An opportunity to donate to the Medical Clinic or projects will be available after the presentation; please consider your gift prayerfully.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Update on the Past 6 Months:

Report on the Zimbabwe Gecko Society from Susan Janetti

Hello to all.   It has been quite a time since I sent out a newsletter, not because there has not been anything exciting happening but the opposite.  So much has taken place over the past 6 months that I have been unable to keep up.  It dosen’t seem like I am going to  catch up soon either as I was in Zimbabwe from January to April and now I am going back in July until August to accomplish the building of a clinic and form a Zimbabwe Gecko Board which will aid in future endeavors.

Information About the Container

Last year the idea of sending a container to Zimbabwe became a reality.  Spurred into fruition by the Nanoose EV Church and supported by the White Rock/Surrey  Churches and Communities.

 What an event!!

The 40 foot container was filled with love, gifts of every kind for the people of Zimbabwe.  Each gift was respected and treasured.   Due to the enormity of the job of unpacking and sorting as well as following the local culture the gifts were not randomly handed out but taken into the communities and given to the village chiefs, pastors  and elders who in turn met with the community to determine who would receive each gift.  In most cases we were treated to tribal dance, poetry and story -telling from the children as a way of thanks and celebration.   I told them I would say thank you to you all.  Consider yourselves well thanked. 

Once the container was emptied we hired Paul Nobes, carpenter and author of "Walking on Fire”, who insulated and added windows, doors, a roof, ceilings, walls and shelving to hold the library books.  The ugly red container sitting in the Avondale Church parking space was totally transformed into a beautiful place worthy of holding the 6000 plus library books so generously donated by Canadians.   A wonderful Christian library and resource centre is now available to all.  Many of the books held messages of caring and love which did not go unnoticed but touched the hearts of many people.  Thank you to all who donated so much to so many including the time given to sorting, packing, cleaning, packing sharpening, packing.    Please enjoy these pictures of a job well done!!

I was in Zimbabwe early January to April, a long time to be away from home.  Good thing I had the support of Frank who had to learn to cook in my absence.   He forgot how to on my return!  However, I do enjoy being called for a boiled egg now and then :) 

Kambazuma Church Update

Besides the container we were able to support Rev Phannual Goredema and the Kambazuma church with updates to the church. Water problems were taken care of thus taking away the risk of contamination of dirty drain water resulting in  illness.  We put in drains, gutters and a good driveway.   A security wall was put in place, as well as raised garden beds which will provide food for the orphans and vulnerable attending the church.   A member of the church was also supported in attending the Farming God’s Way course (Foundations for Farming). We look forward to seeing good crops soon! We also managed to put in new doors and security bars.

The church also benefitted from many of the container goods: sewing machines, tools, clothing, choir gowns, drums and musical instruments to name a few. Rev Phannual Goredema wishes to say thank you for your caring. Both Rev Phannual and Pastor Fortune distributed goods from the container to other churches on our behalf . 

 Many thanks  also to both  Pastor  Fortune and Rev Phannual for their diligence in getting the container into the country. Believe me when I say the last two weeks just before the container arrived was a huge challenge. Too long a story to write for this newsletter but due to problems it was nothing short of a miracle that the container reached the church with the original lock on the door that I put on in Victoria! No taxes or extra funds needed. Thank you for the many prayers.

We also say a public HUGE thank you to Dell Marie Wergland of Compassionate Warehouse who with her team did an excellent job with all the needed paperwork and packing as well as securing dried food from Gleaners. There was not an inch of space when packed. We appreciate you folk!! Medical container soon guys!! 

Any one wanting to contribute to sending in a medical container, a $15,000 project, can donate directly to EFCCM. Please ensure you write the number of our account if sending in a cheque: 2-3255. If sending money online please ensure you select "Janetti, Frank and Susan" from the drop-down box beside "Designation" so that we will receive your funds. Thank-You!

To Donate via EFCCM, click here (

New Projects

We also went out to schools in Rusape (180 km from Harare) and supported them with school supplies and a start up goat business:  We started with 10 goats which should be well on their way to being 30 goats soon! The business will help keep the school in paper and supplies. They were very appreciative and was told this will be “the talk of the town for the next year”. 

Chugutu church, about 100km from Harare was a new destination for us.  The church greeted me like an old friend.  It was a beautiful few hours of church worship and singing that I had with them.  They distributed the truck and trailer full of  food and supplies we delivered to the most needy.  They simply loved the choir gowns and keyboard.   I personally want to just hear their voices without the drums and keyboards :) I could listen for hours.  Actually, think I did! Church services can go on for hours in Zimbabwe with great participation and spontaneous singing.  I love it.

My driver Tufudzwa and I were invited back for lunch where we started what I expect to be a great friendship.  By the end of lunch I had found out that we (Zimbabwe Gecko Society) had supported many many people from that church in attending Foundations for Farming (Farming God’s Way).  They told me about this woman who had supported them through a local friend.  It turned out to be us.  What a delightful surprise!  We finished lunch and went out to meet and greet people ZGS (you) had supported and see their healthy crops.  What a celebration followed!!!   Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  What a nice surprise.

Saffron Church, Church of the Nazarene and Kintyre School

We popped into Saffron Church and delivered all the gifts to sponsored children.  You should have seen the delighted faces of the children who had been given bikes from their sponsors.  We also gave a pastor a bike in order to go and preach further afield.  Gifts of choir gowns, keyboard, Gleaners food and a micro business to one of the first teachers as a wage were given.  Teaching supplies were also given for the school.  It was good to see the school and the children as well as old friends.

The church of the Nazarene Avondale had started off a small pre-school/nursery school. We were delighted to go in and brighten up the facility with lovely yellow walls and red, blue and green tables, chairs and cupboards.   We also were able to supply lots of big ride-on toys as well as school supplies and Lego. Sunday School supplies and lessons were added to the delight of the teachers, parents and Pastors. The ladies in the “Martha Project” were also delighted with sewing machines, patterns and fabric.

Kintyre School received  sewing machines and fabric with so much excitement that it was good to know that Alison Markham and her mother Irene Langford were in Zimbabwe to give sewing lessons.  Electric sewing machines were converted to hand machines.  The eldest girls were the first to benefit from the patient teaching of Alison and Irene Langford; they made menstruation pads so they could continue school through their menstrual  cycle.  The boys stood at the door asking what they were making.  The girls after two days of begging finally told them which they instantly regretted as the boys went into fits of giggles!  A computer lab was set up in Kintyre elementary school using donated equipment aided by Umesh Anghnoo, a University student from UNBC.

The soccer (football) equipment and uniforms were a great hit.  There was enough shirts, shorts, socks and boots to fully equip 6 teams.   The community of “Lion Park” were delighted.  Every Saturday they now have football matches which the whole community come out to watch and support their team. I was told this had raised the morale of the community.

Clara and Munashe

Clara and Munashe the two girls that were sent to South Africa with severe burns are doing very well. They have already had more than 8 operations each releasing joints and skin to be able to move freely. They are both grateful and very happy.   I am told they never complain and work really hard at school.

Garage Sale

Once again  we would like to thank  White Rock Baptist church  and Marvelous Marvin allowing us to use the church gym for our annual sale. It was the biggest success to date. We were almost overwhelmed with the amount of goods that came in.  Not only us but many of the local thrift stores benefited from the "left-overs".

Many thanks to Marie Smith who organized the event and all the volunteers that came out and worked really hard.  The sorting, packing, lifting and shifting as well as taking away was exhausting.   We definitely agreed 'never again' but have to admit some of us are in the planning stages for next year! We had some very generous donors this year who emptied their houses into our sale.  Thank you!

More Updates

Frank and I drove up to Valemount in June to take part in a fundraising dinner hosted by Ray and Alison Markham.  A very good time was had by all.  It is a delight to watch communities come together in support of a cause. Funds raised will go towards building the  clinic.

I would like to invite you to watch the documentary on our website  to see what our next moves will be.   Through your continued support we are adding the final stages to the community support programs.

Starting with water and moving on to agriculture which includes a Farming God’s Way course, then to education, school as well as micro business, instruction sewing programs etc.  The final stage will be clinics. We are building capacity one community at a time.  The medical component will be led by  Dr Ray Markham (O.B.C.).

 The plan is to take teams of health care providers including UBC medical students and doctors who will experience hands on training whilst working with local people to help build capacity in primary care.  They will be learning such things as midwifery, stitching wounds, administering immunizations, health and nutrition.   The first team is due in Zimbabwe March/April 2015.


We are delighted to give you this report which is every bit your ministry as it is ours for without you we can not do what we do.   Together we do make a difference.

Blessings, Sue


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