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 What Ever Happened to the Container We Packed Full of Love and Goods and Sent off to Zimbabwe Last Fall?  

You are invited to a dessert evening  at White Rock Baptist Church Sunday April 27th at 6:30 to find out.  

 Susan has many stories along with pictures to share regarding the  distribution of the many articles collected by the White Rock Baptist Church and the White Rock / Surrey communities, along with huge help from the Nanoose Evangelical Church and Compassionate Ministries. 

We were all involved one way or another.  Come and see what changes we have made in the communities of Zimbabwe. 

Susan is also telling her stories and showing pictures at the White Rock Community Church May 28th at 12 noon (Seniors Program). Please contact Susan if you plan on attending so the church can plan accordingly. 

Watch our new video!

We have just released a brand-new documentary video recorded in Zimbabwe during my last trip. It will bring you up to date with what Zimbabwe Gecko Society has been up to and our future plans. We invite you to watch.

It's currently on our YouTube channel, and it will be added to our website very soon. For now please click here to watch the video (you will be brought to our YouTube Channel). Please share it via Facebook and email with friends, family, colleagues, business acquaintances, etc. We would really appreciate your support in spreading the news.

Working together one community at a time!

Saturday May 24th, 8am to 2pm

Come and shop, Great Deals are guaranteed!

We Need Volunteers!

Volunteers needed for:

Friday May 23rd from 1pm to 9pm:

  • 2 or more drivers with trucks to pick up items locally and deliver them to the White Rock Baptist Church. If you have the truck but not the energy we will provide the muscle!
  • Many volunteers to set up tables, put up signs, receive and sort donated items.

Pizza will be available!

Saturday May 24th, 7:30am to 4pm:

  • 6 cashiers
  • 2 kitchen workers
  • 4 security workers (making sure no one walks out without paying or putting items in pockets - yes it happens!)
  • Volunteers to assist shoppers and keep tables tidy


  • Many volunteers to pack up and put away tables
  • Volunteer to take unsold electronics to Bottle Depot recycling (King George and 24th Ave, Surrey)
  • Volunteers to take remaining books and clothing to bins
  • 1 or possibly 2 drivers with trucks to take junk to Surrey Transfer Station (9770 192 St).  Disposal fee and cost of gas will be refunded. This is a very important job!
  • 1 or possibly 2 drivers with trucks to take remaining items to a local home to be donated to local charities.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions, please let us know ASAP. Your support has been invaluable to us in previous years, and we couldn't do this without your help. For those of you who have volunteered in the past, we need your valuable experience!

Thank you for your continued support, and remember, "Many hands make light work"!

Please contact Sue or Marie to volunteer. Please do not assume we know you are helping this year.

Sue: (604) 531-3652 zimbabwegecko@gmail.com

Marie: (604) 535-0602

More Upcoming Events:

The White Rock Baptist Church Youth Group are having their Garage Sale this Saturday, from 8am to 12noon.

Susan is speaking at the Nanoose Evangelical Church in Nanoose Bay at 10am this Sunday. If you're in the area please drop in!


October 18th 

Book your tickets early as you know they sell out fast and tables are placed as first paid get nearest the front. $35 per seat includes full buffet, coffee, punch, many door prizes, silent auction, fun and a Society update. 

Susan is also available to speak about the amazing work she does with the Zimbabwe Gecko Society at dinner parties, church or club functions and special events. If you'd like to support this worthwhile cause please contact Susan to book a presentation (zimbabwegecko@gmail.com).

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