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November 2013

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Our Fundraising Dinner was a Success!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Update on the Container

Last Fundraiser of the Year

Update on Susan's Presentations

New EFCCM Designated Gifts Policy

All photos in this newsletter courtesy of Ina Van Tonder - Thank-you!

Our Fundraising Dinner was a Success!

This years fundraiser dinner was a huge success with 200 people in attendance.  Thanks to the White Rock Church for the use of their facilities as well as church members coming out to lend a hand.

Special thanks to Alice and Dr. Ray Markham for travelling from Valemont to present ideas of how we can move forward with a medical component to Zimbabwe Gecko Society. We will keep you informed as to how that may transpire after our
trip to Zimbabwe and possible negotiations.

Thanks to Ina Van Tonder for the beautiful photos taken at the dinner.

Many thanks to Bob and Donna Humphries, Catherine Galiot , Donna Mercer, Dianne Rowan and Bev Friesen for coming out to clean up all the dishes and
serve the food. Outstanding job!

Thanks also to the youth group who came out and served our guests so well.   we had many comments as to their kindness and excellent service: Michelle Adrian, Cheyenne Adrian, Karlie Thiessen, Amaria Drent, Emily Nicholls and Aaryn Symons.

Thanks to Melinda and Jason Janetti who worked at the ticket and Gecko Table.

Alex and Rachel  Markham did a sterling job helping with sales at the Gecko table as well as setting the tables and blowing balloons.  Well done! Missionaries on the Make!

To the many who helped with set up: Alice, Ray Alex and Rachel, Jackie Beukers, Deanne McIndoe, Dave and Eleanor North,  Mike Smith and Dianne Rowan, excellent job!  Forgive me those who have slipped my mind at this second.

Special thanks to Marie Smith for walking with me in so many ways.  Sous Chef, accountant, and silent auction set up to mention a few. As always, much appreciated.

Many thanks to the donors of all the prize items all of whom were listed on the program.  Generosity at work for Zimbabwe.  Wendy Jones spent many hours writing emails securing the gifts, thanks Wendy!

Finally a big thank you to all who sold the table of 8 tickets which made my job so much easier and allowed you to visit with friends, and to all who attended the dinner and donated one way or the other (geckos, tickets, and prizes). I have said it before, without you NOTHING happens.

Thanks to those who helped pack away the chairs and tables at the end of the night; what took hours to put up and decorate was down in 10 minutes!

Christmas Gift Ideas

The Zimbabwe Gecko Society Christmas Gift cards can now be ordered by email to be picked up from Susan after December 5th. The money donated towards each card supports one of the programs in Zimbabwe outlined in the card: the goat card purchases a goat for a family, the soccer card provides a soccer ball for orphans, the seniors card supports senior services, and the gecko card goes towards our programs helping widows and orphans.

Each card comes with a beaded ornament, making it a perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for on your Christmas List!

We also have some brand-new beaded ornaments available, those of you at the fundraising dinner saw these as part of the decorations: 

Large Giraffe in pictures $75 (1 metre tall)  

Medium  Giraffe (1/2 metre)  $40

Small  Giraffe $25

Orders are honoured on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email Susan at:  

Update on the Container

The Nanoose Evangelical Church, headed up by Linda Stalker and Elva Reed, have raised the astonishing amount of $15000+ to ship the container full of goods to Zimbabwe!

The container once emptied will be converted into a library for the pastors, students and community to use. The container holds excellent resource books as well as teenager and children's books.  The contents of the container were donated by many churches as well as the Surrey/White Rock Community. Well done to all.

It is on its way to Zimbabwe and I plan to be there in January to celebrate with the churches and  help distribute items.  We estimate the distribution will take about 3 months so that each community benefits to the maximum.

The container is in the customs clearing process right now, overseen by Fortune Goregena and Norman Conlon (Zimbabwe Gecko Society Directors) as well as Moira Conlon, Pastor Nico and Pastor Goredema - a great team.

The position of the container has been determined and as the container seems to have flown over (the ship travelled faster than expected) they are looking into the secure storage of goods until I arrive in January.  We have every confidence in this team.

Many pictures will be taken!

Last Fundraiser of the Year

The last event Susan will be participating in this year will be the Ellis Family Fundraiser in Delta. It is going to be held on Friday, December 6th from 6-10pm, at 7037 Woodcrest Place, Delta. There will be numerous vendors including a table of ornaments by Susan, and refreshments available.

Hope to see you there!

Update on Susan's Presentations

I was recently asked to speak at :

The Surrey Church of the Nazarene where I was greeted with a warm welcome and able to give a 30  minute power point presentation which created a lot of interest in the work we do.

 The Peace Portal Alliance church once again asked me to speak at their study group lunch.  Approximately 200 people were present. Thank you for your support and generosity, in particular Charlotte Furhmann who knitted dolls for the orphans in Zimbabwe.  The Alliance church have walked with us for some time and have lots of items donated and made with love in the container.

I also spoke in the morning service of my home church the White Rock Baptist Church where I have received tremendous support, prayer, facility use, missions group and personal support and encouragement.

The first Presbyterian church in New Westminster had two tables at our event and are always generous and supportive. I look forward to sharing photos of all they put in the container.  Thanks to Harry and
Margaret  McClelland for the generato
r. I personally will benefit from it before passing it on when I leave.

Thanks also to Petros Yergatian from EFCCM for a generator.

The White Rock Community Church also filled two tables and have continued with their love and support of the work we do for the past 16 years (yes, even before the Zimbabwe Gecko Society was formed!)

It has been a delight to see the churches and community working together to the benefit of those in Zimbabwe.  I know the books, teaching materials and everything will be gratefully received.

New EFCCM Designated Gifts Policy

The EFCCM has a new policy regarding designated gifts, as outlined below:

Spending of funds is confined to organization-approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated towards an organization-approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that, when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the organization, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program project will be used where needed most.

More info is available on their website:

It has been a delight to work with Melina Neufeld who is going to take all that I have written and turn it into a wonderfully coloured newsletter that will inspire you all. Please don't forget to look at her work by means of the website. Her website is Thanks Melina!

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