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September 2013

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Shipping Container Update

Anya's Bake Sale

Annual Fundraising Dinner

Pennies Multiplied

Birthday Parties

Susan's Stories

It's Full!!

The Shipping Container is full! It only took two months! That is incredible!

Thanks go to so many people who caught the vision. I will not try and name all the people involved but will include those that come to mind at this time:

The Nanoose Evangelical Free Church ladies with the support of the church, friends and community for their determination in raising the funds to pay for the container to be shipped to Zimbabwe. What a tremendous effort that was achieved early this month! $14,000 made possible by receiving donations for hand-made beaded ornaments made in Zimbabwe.

Ray and Alison Markham who drove all the way from Valemount with a trailer full of donated items. Thanks to Dianne Rowan for hosting our guests.

Ray and Allison along with many of the residents of Valemount (population of 800) raised over $8,000 with a garage sale and home dinner party.

We have invited Allison to join our board and know we have many exciting projects ahead. I know as we are planning them and will share our plans at the dinner.  Yes you need a ticket to get in the know! Just kidding :)

Prince George Baptist church for delivering 190 choir gowns right to our door! 

Special thanks to Eleanor North who must have done over 300 loads of laundry and then sorted, mended, and even ironed the clothes to make sure all our donated items arrive in Zimbabwe in a fashion that we can be proud of and shows our love.  Also David North who has made very helpful suggestions and introductions that have led to absolutely fantastic and generous donations of tools - both garden and carpentry tools - tables, clothing and books. Both David and Eleanor have been a huge encouragement. 

Thanks go to Carol Chase and Marietta Ashton who have sorted and packed hundreds of books ready for our container library.

Wendy Jones, who saw our write up in the newspaper and volunteered from the community. Wendy has sorted and packed boxes of clothes. She even wants to come back for volunteer work where needed.

Debbie Nightingale who has done all the jobs I felt too tired to do. Debbie took items not suitable for Zimbabwe to local charity shops or the recycling depot, cleared up the garbage and basically did the jobs no one else wanted to do. Glen Nightingale arranged the donation of all the boxes used in packing. Wow!  That saved a small fortune.

Ewald Konrad helped in many ways; one of them was building a crate to hold our 6 keyboards for their long trek. Joe Pusch packed up a set of drums ready for shipment too.  Thanks to both of you.

Harry Block  also helped in many ways.  Sharpening and cleaning tools, taking the air out of soccer balls and a million other jobs no one asked him to do but he saw needed to be done. Thank you.

Thanks go to KMS tools for a skid of second hand tools.  

Of course special thanks go to the hundreds of donors who caught our vision and filled the container with all the requested items. Thank-You!

We could not have done such a huge project without the space the White Rock Baptist Church provided. We were given a room to sort and pack and ended up using 3 rooms that were full right to the door. 

Once again we are grateful to Marvellous Marvin for changing the carpet cleaning of the church to suit our packing into the truck.  What a relief when he changed the dates to suit our schedule.

Donna Mercer and Sue Guissler who handmade beautiful quilts for babies.

Schools stepped up to the plate and gave wonderful lesson plans and priceless teaching resource materials.

The lady (I have misplaced her name--sorry) who lovingly knitted hundreds of toques for babies in Zimbabwe.

Thanks also to Yvonne Mandivelle and hubby for their donation of a shopsmith as well as hours of folding and packing.

Thanks to the folks that took advantage of the Walmart sale on pens, pencils and paper! Especially Carol and Ted Crosby and Heather Arneil for hauling tons of paper and supplies up the stairs, and Wendy and Ian who filled over 100 pencil cases with supplies.

I know I have missed some folk that really need to be acknowledged but to be honest it has been so busy that at this moment I cannot capture it all. I have only mentioned a few of the shows of generosity. I received over 500 e-mails the month of August with kind offers!

I do have to thank the volunteers who helped move all the boxes from our three packed rooms in the church into the 5 tonne moving truck: the Surrey crew, the Surrey/Guildford crew, the White Rock Baptist Church crew and the Tiggy's crew spent hours loading and unloading heavy boxes over two days. Thank-you!

Anya's Bake Sale

On Sunday, September 26th, 6-year-old Anya Webster will be hosting a Bring-and-Buy bake sale (Anya’s Bake Sale) in the White Rock Baptist Church Gym at approximately 11:15, after the service.

Please support Anya in her first missionary service of “supporting children in Zimbabwe” by bringing your home-made cakes, cookies or pies, and dropping them off in the kitchen area before the morning service. Then come back and purchase some yummy goodies after the service!

Annual Fundraising Dinner



Doors Open: 6pm  Dinner Served: 6:30 sharp

African Chicken (not spicy) / Curried Beef /  Rice / Vegeterian Dish / Salads /  Dessert /Fruit /  Coffee / Tea / Soft Drinks all included

Please note that this year the tickets are $35 per person, including soft drinks. The dinner is to be held at the White Rock Baptist Church, 1657 140th Street, South Surrey.

We're giving our valuable supporters the first chance to purchase tickets, and ask that you help us by booking a table of eight and then inviting your friends and family to purchase their tickets from you.

Many of you ask to sit at the front  - please note tables will be placed at the front on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please join us to hear what we have been up to and our future plans. We thought we may be slowing down as we get older but it seems that we need to make the most of every minute. You will be delighted to learn where your support is taking us.

Contact Sue Janetti at 604-531-3654 or  for tickets.

Pennies Multiplied

Last month Judah and Abby Turnbill raised $9 in pennies to help the children in Zimbabwe.

Two weeks ago the joyful brother and sister ran up to me saying “we have a big load of gold!” In fact they had saved and rolled another $18 in pennies to help ‘the poor’.  Well done Judah and Abby! I will make sure we get the funds directly to the children.

Birthday Parties

We have set a trend with birthday parties since Jane Vice made the suggestion of having a 'Medical Birthday Party' and received medicines to be donated to our society instead of gifts.  

Christel Taylor invited her family to celebrate her birthday by donating a gift to the Zimbabwe Gecko Society instead of gifts for herself.  What a lovely unselfish thing to do. Thank you Christel and family for your generosity!

Little Trudy Beukers shared her 1st birthday presents with us too! Wonderful gifts went into the container as a celebration of both parties. The children in Zimbabwe will be singing a Happy Birthday for sure!

Susan's Stories

There is always so much to share but I am aware that a newsletter can’t cover it all. You are always welcome to check our books and ask questions. Invite me to your home with a group of friends and I will happily share my stories about the Zimbabwe Gecko Society.

I will be sharing 15 minutes of stories Sunday, September 29th at the beginning of the 10am service at the White Rock Baptist Church, and also sharing stories of God’s goodness at 10am on October 6th at the Peace Portal Alliance Church.

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