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Good Morning to all! 

Wow, what a busy two months filling the container for Zimbabwe. Thank you to all for your generous donations of time and items. I would love to write personal Thank-You letters to everyone but that is out of the question as I am moving from one big commitment to another. Yes, you have guessed right:

It is time for the next

                   Saturday, October 19th

We say thanks to Sanna and the Surrey Golf Course for the years of splendid dinners they have put on and now thank the White Rock Baptist Church (1657 140th Street, South Surrey) for the use of their Hall to host our next dinner. 

The Dinner tickets are $35 which includes:
Dinner, Dessert, Coffee/Tea and Soft drinks.

The dinner will include gluten-free Baked Chicken, Curried Beef for the curry lovers, a Vegetable dish, Rice, Salads, and a Mixed Dessert Tray including fruit for the Gluten-Free. 

We will have Geckos available as well as an opportunity to purchase a Christmas Card Gift that will help us support the people in Zimbabwe we provide aid to. Did I say Christmas!! Yes, it is time to get a head start. You can in fact do all your shopping at the dinner! :)

We will also have Silent Auction items for a bit of fun along with some lovely door prizes.

As in the past we are offering our supporters first chance to purchase tickets. If you consider buying 8 tickets (a table-full) and then encourage your friends to join you by purchasing a ticket from you, that will go a long way to help us and will ensure you get to sit with your friends.

Each year I am asked if a table can sit near the front. This year I will place people from the front to back depending on when you purchase your tickets. The old principle of First-Come, First-Served!

We will have a power-point presentation regarding recent events, in particular the container.   I would also like to introduce you to Dr. Ray Markham and his wife Alison who will update you with a few ideas we have. 

Please remember these tickets run out quickly so this is a great opportunity to make sure you get a seat before we go public. 

(Newsletter will follow after the long weekend - these are busy days indeed!)

We look forward to seeing you !! 

For Tickets:

Contact Sue Janetti

or in the gym at White Rock Baptist Church on Sundays.

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