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- Message from Susan and Frank Janetti

- Early Garage Sale in 2020

- African Dinner Saturday, October 17th, 2020

- Bottle Returns


Early Garage Sale in 2020

Just wanting to let everyone know that our garage sale this year will be held early, on April 4, 2020. So, it's not too early to start collecting your gently used items for donations! More information to follow later.

Does anyone have a large car or a truck that can pick up about 30 garage sale boxes up on Oxford street in White Rock, and take to the church on 140th St. on Thursday April 2nd about 1 pm. May take a couple of trips but the house is close to the church. I would also like to ask for help setting up tables on Thursday the 2nd at 1pm. That will entail bringing tables from upstairs in a trolley. Please let me know.
Sue 604-531-3654 The usual help as per notice is desired for Friday the 3rd set up and Saturday the 4th sale, either of the days will help.

African Dinner

The fundraising dinner will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2020. More information to follow closer to the event.

Message from Sue and Frank

Good Day Friends, Donors, Church Family,

It was my intent to send out a Christmas e mail wishing you a Blessed Christmas and then I had every intention of sending one out in January with Good Year wishes. Alas, neither took place but I do hope you celebrated well. Do I have an excuse? Yes, life took over, just as yours does at times.

However, for Zimbabwe Gecko Society it was a great “takeover” Dell from Compassionate phoned early December and told us that we had yet another container donated to us! Was I up to packing another? What does one say but yes? It was packed with speed and the final box went in December 15th What a blessing. Let me tell you about the containers.

After both Frank and I had some ill health in August we wondered if in fact we would be able to travel to Zimbabwe to work again. Dr’s had told frank no more travel and I found out that with heart problems the medical insurance quadruples causing me to doubt going. Early December we were wondering if in fact Zimbabwe Gecko Society would come to an end and how to go about that. The very next morning Dell, Founder of Compassionate Resource Warehouse phoned to offer a container. What does one say? “Of course, thank you! “The day after that I was offered a full course of the “Wynd and Tide” English course most probably worth considerably more than we can imagine in dollars as well as resources. The same day school desks. How did they know we were building a school? And so it continued daily being offered exactly what we needed.

Prior to that container we had one donated in October also through Dell. Same thing happened. Donations poured in without me asking, “do you want 4,000 meters of fabric, tools, machines?” All kinds of wonderful gifts. Packed so tightly into the containers that if anyone takes goods out to inspect they can only put back 1/3 of the goods.

The container donations actually started before with Dr Jerome Harvey of MEMO EFCCM Thunder Bay Ontario writing to offer us a donated container. What did we want in it? Did we need sewing machines? “yes please,” I dared to ask if they had industrial sewing machines. Within the week Dr Jerome had asked someone who popped by if they knew what type of industrial machine I would want. The man said, “come with me,” just around the corner was a back room full of industrial machines. They needed repair but that didn’t stop the MEMO volunteers from jumping right in repairing them and putting them in the container. I should say containers as the very next month Jerome offered to fund raise for another container. Again, packed with things I hoped and wished for. School desks, chairs, cabinets, shelving. All for the school. Plus lots of requests for items that are always “found” by the team.

Between Dell and Jerome, the school is completely furnished. That will be 9 grades with about 50 Kids per grade over 450 desks etc. Amazing! These folks are such a blessing to us, as are their teams of workers.

It still didn’t stop. January Jerome called and said can you do with another we have stock we need to move. What do you need? Of course, the stock he had exactly matched things on our list. Computers, printers, paper, tools, the list is endless. Then last week offered the 4th container donated by MEMO

Really what would you have said? “Oh no we have enough” Ha ha Of course we gratefully received them all and they set to work despite the snow on the ground and freezing containers. For those who worry about the 14% taken off any donation, let me assure you each container holds more than EFCCM will take off of any donation.

Thank you so much to the two teams. Compassionate Resource Warehouse as well as MEMO volunteers and donors have given us the answer. At least one more trip to Zimbabwe with containers! God is in control, not us.

Favor to ask

While I was so excited to accept all 6 containers and share in a 7th with Karunda Hospital I did not stop to think of the concerns this may bring.

This year we are building a very large school, toilets for 450 children. Water pipes, water storage drums, chicken run, more goat pens. Support the church growth. This means our budget is already spent including most of the expected garage sale funds.

Each of these containers on arrival in Zimbabwe needs us to pay taxes, import licenses, cranes, sorting, trucks to deliver, gas, drivers. This cost an average of $2,200 per container. Oops! I didn’t think of that. If anyone would like to help with this need, we would be most grateful. Every donation counts. I have already paid for one. Five to go approx. $11,000 short. You can’t blame me; God orchestrated the whole lot. ?

As you know we usually travel to Zimbabwe at the end of December and return April. This year we will be leaving with a team Mid-April, soon to be determined. Frank and the team will stay for 5 weeks, I will stay until mid-July. The Medical Team headed up by Dr Ray Markham and Alison Markham will be with me June and July. What a privilege it is to work with this team. I fulfill my “once upon a time dream to be a doctor with the title Dr. Suess. I was officially named that last year by the medical team. We request your pray as the containers arrive, safety in travel and service.

While we could not travel to Zimbabwe in December the work has continued. Mr Erick Gwaze and my niece Kim have stepped up to the plate. Erick has been overseeing the building with me daily on WhatsApp hundreds of photos etc. so I can monitor closely. Erick said I have eagle eyes and he can’t get away with anything. LOL The school is growing in leaps and bounds under his direction.

Darlington the Church Pastor reports to me almost weekly. He has amazing stories to tell of the people overcoming fear of witch doctors and reproach from others and attending church on a regular basis. They started with five and now are growing to a hundred. The youth group already at 20. This is since May 2019 but church growth is now happening daily.

Once the church understands the Love of God, they start their ministry by going out to the local villages and sharing the gospel caring and offering help where needed. Often the communities work on Jealousy so the people they go to, see a great difference and listen.

I could go on but am told people only read a max of two pages of a newsletter so will stop here. Any questions or comments please e mail me.


We don’t usually advertise any company on our site but Planting trees to replace and restore forests as well as rural areas is most important. Zimbabweans are losing their trees daily due to needing firewood. Nunn and Co. are asking us to work with them. I will see to the planting of trees in Zimbabwe on an ongoing basis. The elephant and rhino t-shirts were made at my request as well as some gecko ones soon to be shown.

Nunn and Co. Canada's shirts are: Locally and Ethically manufactured, Water based ink is used, pre-shrunk, no taxes, or duty fees, 10 trees will be planted for each purchase under the donation name of the Zimbabwe Gecko Society. The Canadian website to place orders is


Susan and Frank Janetti
Founders, Zimbabwe Gecko Society

To make a donation, please send cheque to:
Box 850, Langley Stn LCD1
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Please make sure your cheque or Credit card donation states
EFCCM account 2-3257

Thank you for your support!

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Bottle returns

Do you have refundable bottles, juice boxes, and cans cluttering your home space? You can bring them to the White Rock Return It Depot at 3221 140 St, S. Surrey. Just say you want the proceeds to go to account #41.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our account so far.