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- Message from Susan and Frank Janetti

- African Dinner Saturday, October 17th, 2020


African Dinner

We are still planning our fundraiser dinner in a way to accommodate
Covid 19 restrictions. More news later. Dinner Date: Oct. 17, 2020

Thank you for your support!

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Message from Sue and Frank

Good Day Friends, Donors, Church Family,
Dear Friends of Zimbabwe

What a busy few months we have had working in Zimbabwe from home!! How can that be? Well 4 full container loads have been sorted one box at a time with photos and texts back and forth. The result of that labour on both sides is that two huge trucks of goods have been shipped to Karunda Mission Hospital who are always grateful for what they receive. Likewise one empty container was shipped to Wedza and one full one. The goods inside will be distributed to Mount St Mary’s hospital, Wedza hospital and many clinics. Also sewing machines and tools were included for carpentry and sewing programs as well as goods for schools. Gleaners Food was also sent as well as Maize meal. With the shut down, many are hungry if not starving. There are of course other goods that were given, including blankets, home supplies etc. to help 14 young boys start a new home. The containers are being converted for them.

Three programs in Chugutu received similar goods, all delighted with their gifts.
We have equipped a brand-new clinic in Harare with books and medical supplies as well as the Harare Hospital.

Most goods stayed in Harare and have equipped our new and completed school which is fully equipped and ready to start right after the pandemic is over. The new school (see pictures at bottom of page) I am told is one of the best in rural Zimbabwe. Each class has desks, chairs, filing cabinet, teachers’ desk, a blackboard, reading books, pens, pencils, and paper. What gifts given through Canadian Resource Warehouse in Victoria and MEMO Thunder Bay Ontario! Every Class has exactly what it needs, and the two organizations did not communicate! Just exactly what was needed was provided. God always over-seeing His work.

The sewing centers are back to full. The carpentry Workshops have added tools. The Garden Center has new tools and things that were missing like hose pipes.

The church has more bibles and Christian materials. The pastor and volunteers continue to work in the community visiting each home until the virus has passed. They are delighted with their new bikes to get around. The Early Childhood department has toys and fun things. A new welding program has been added. The people in the community have new clothes. The clinic and Wellness center are re-stocked and ready. We have a new doctor starting work two days a week who will be using the building to give immunization shots and HIV meds. This has been a dream of the community for years. The First Aiders will continue giving first aid and midwifery.
People often dies as they didn't have money for bus fare to get to the center giving HIV meds. Nor could they walk the 20 miles.

When building a school in a rural area, housing for the teachers is necessary. We still need to put in electricity but have just completed 4 of them. Also, we needed to build toilets and they are now just about finished we just need to put in sinks and running water. We also just completed a new chicken run to start an egg project. It will hold 100 chickens that are to be purchased soon.

The White Rock Baptist Church life groups recently started a life group challenge and collected enough money for 20 tons of maize to be distributed in Zimbabwe. So far 10 tons has been distributed with funds being sent for another 15 tons. Theresa Le Barge heard about the maize challenge and is challenging her friends to raise funds too. I just heard she has already collected enough for 2 tons. Zimbabwe is in Lock Down and people who live hand to mouth are starving. No income -no work – no food.
We have responsible people distributing the maize to make sure the right people receive it.

At Rasper our most recent development there is a “soup kitchen” 5 days a week for vulnerable children Seniors and adults are all welcome. They all receive some gleaners soup mix made more as a side dish to the maize meal. It is well-organized, with the community selecting and inviting those most in need first on a daily basis.
On Sundays Adults are also invited to lunch and hear the gospel.

The community is growing and coming to grips with the opportunities the community center has to offer. Yes, it has taken a year which is most common. It is all new concepts and ideas. First it is about ‘what will it do for me’ and they want immediate material benefits now they are starting to work as a community, helping each other. Nothing could make me happier!

Frank and I still have plans to go back to Zimbabwe and oversee final distribution, church, ideas, and management teams. Until such time, we are sending over funds, building, and are confident that your donated dollars have been put to good use. It is amazing what has been accomplished in such a short time!

Other support we have given is to artists in the form of canvas and purchasing some paintings which we will sell at our art sale or use for fund-raising dinner prizes.

We had Ostomy bags donated in the container and have been amazed how many people need these bags. Most have been using common plastic bags and washing them out. What a celebration of thanks mothers of children have had when they were given a year’s supply. Now the word is out, and the requests are growing. I heard we have loads of boxes being sent over in August for November arrival.

The containers have all been donated by well-wishers, prayer-partners and the generosity of many. Thank you so very much from the people of Zimbabwe!

I have not had to pay for the actual shipping of containers as we used to do. However, I do pay approximately $2500 a container in Zimbabwe for cranes, duties, taxes etc. This year we will in total receive 7 containers (two more to arrive in June/July) and one to arrive approx. November. $12,500 well spent. The contents of the containers, priceless!

Please do look at the pictures and see the results of your kindness and support. Just as it seemed time to retire, we received greater gifts than ever before. Perhaps it means we are going out with a big bang or perhaps it means God has a bigger picture than we do right now. We are willing and will continue as long as you do. You are the steam behind all we can accomplish through our Lord. View Photos

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Sue and Frank

Susan Janetti
Founder, Zimbabwe Gecko Society

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