African Dinner

The fundraising dinner will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2020. More information to follow closer to the event.

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- Message from Susan and Frank Janetti

- African Dinner Saturday, October 17th, 2020


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Message from Sue and Frank

Good Day Friends, Donors, Church Family,

Hello All,
I miss seeing so many of you but have caught up on a lot of book work and sorting in your absence. LOL

Sad that our well-planned garage sale didn't work out but keep the goods. Hopefully one day soon!!....

Today Frank and I along with Glen, Colin, Lettie and Theresa were due to fly out to Zimbabwe at 5pm. So disappointing as I had all my plans ready to go. God has a sense of humor at times. He has re-organised my life of late. LOL

Regardless of the fact that we will not be there in person, for the past 10 months the work has not stopped.

Today the fourth of six containers arrived in Zimbabwe and was cleared. Now our job is to get them to Rasper Community Center to have them opened and sorted. I have been writing for permits as essential service. It took a few days for me to get my head around not being in Zimbabwe to organize and make sure the carefully packed donated goods go to the right place. However, I am confident that family and our Rasper Manager Erick and volunteers will do a fine job.
I know everything in the containers and can direct people to tags etc I put on this year.
Thanks again go to CRW and MEMO as well as volunteers and donors for all their work.
Life saving items are in all of the containers.

There is once again excitement waiting for surprises and well-earned volunteer gifts.

Actually, the excitement has never stopped. Since June, buildings have been going up. The school is already built. Six large classrooms that could hold 100 but will be disciplined to 50 max are 1 day away from completion and hosting Grades 1-6. Soon, when we have the funding, Grade 7 will be added along with 2 ECD classrooms and Principal's office. Yes we already have one classroom in the community center but we want to do a few switch around's to make things work better and have all the kids in the same location. We were already hosting Grade one and two in unfinished classrooms and know that in no time at all the school will be full.

Next fundraising dinner we will have all the pictures. Once again to build the school we took an old barn and converted it. Pictures available
To make the school fully legal we had to put in toilets which are well on their way to completion.
The teachers in Zimbabwe are given accommodation when the distance is too great. We have already built 4 of the 8 needed - 4 two room tin roof houses. We need to build 4, 3 room houses for those with family.

Would you like to support a teacher's accommodation or donate something towards one? As you know I can't go out fundraising right now, so anything would help.

The gardens are exemplary. View Pictures

Daily I am on the WhatsApp sending messages back and forth. It is working well.
The accounting is excellent, correct down to the last cent.
A chicken run for Layers is built (we already have one to raise chicks). The goat herd is increasing. The church is growing but of course now everything is on lock down. Only a few of the builders working one building apart. The area is usually a buzzing hive of activity. People from other areas are coming to see how it is done.

Daily I am receiving a full days' worth of letters and questions about the virus. Especially from our Clinics.
Right now with the Virus, I am giving instruction on distancing , washing hands, etc. The word is just not getting out there. Desperate people who live hand-to-mouth are going out of their homes and getting beaten for breaking distancing rules.
Starvation will kill more than the virus. An expected 4,000,000 this year from starvation alone!
I am also sending out two documents. One on salvation and the other the need for prayer. Recently the president sent out a message to the population saying to pray to a prophet from Nigeria for healing of the land. (Prophets who are known to reap millions of dollars from the poor... I am countering his message with another.)

The goal is to send these messages to the couple of hundred in Zim on my WhatsApp mailbox and e-mail. All or most have agreed to send it to all of their mailbox contacts. Most have over 100 contacts. It won't take long to get the message to millions.
Doing same with virus info.

Please pray that the message will not just get into their mailbox but into their hearts and minds.

Should you have questions feel free to contact me at

Stay Safe,

Susan Janetti
Founder, Zimbabwe Gecko Society

To make a donation, please send cheque to:
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Please make sure your cheque or Credit card donation states
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