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- Thank You Message from Susan and Frank Janetti

- Message from Darlington Dimungu

- African Art Sale, Nov. 2nd and 3rd

- Bottle Returns

Thank You Message from Sue and Frank

Dear Family, Friends and Team,

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made Saturday night's Annual African Fundraising Dinner such a success. A total of $21,500 was raised to build a school in Zimbabwe.

It was an evening of dining, socializing, listening, observing, buying tickets for the many donated baskets and wine boards, and much anticipating for the the draws. Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone I spoke to reported having a great time and appreciated the hard work that went into making this evening such a success.

I shared a power point presentation of the work we completed from January to April of this year. We had a team come with us. Debbie and Glen Nightingale, and Theresa La Barge worked very hard to build a center that now holds a large church, a sewing center, a carpentry center, a computer room, a shop, a kindergarten school for children 4 to 6 years old, and a medical clinic. We also built a goat pen and fencing, a chicken business, and farming ventures. Amazingly it all came together and the excellent reports coming in from the center are very gratifying (see below). The team worked hard and were rewarded with great smiles and conversations.

We are pleased to say that we will be going back into the same area to build a school for grades 1 to 7 with the funds raised at the dinner. The children are even more pleased as presently, they have to walk 10 km to school, often arriving late and tired, only to walk the 10 km home after a few hours. We are also pleased to say that a container is being sent full of school desks, chairs, teachers’ desks, filing cabinets, and school supplies, not to mention the hordes of other goods going in, especially medical supplies which are desperately needed. Thank you to many in our church, our friends, and our community, for coming out to our event and for your generous donations. I have no other words other than "Without you nothing happens!"

Our next and final event of the year will be our Zimbabwe Art and Craft Sale, to be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 2nd and 3rd, at the Ocean Park community hall (see below for details). Do please come out and have a look for that special Christmas gifts. We have beautiful hand crafted and painted cards for sale which make beautiful gifts, as they can be framed. You will find many different crafts there: our usual beaded ornaments, including our new garden or potted plant stakes, wooden bowls, hand painted batik table cloths, etc. Beautiful art work is sold at a fraction of the price and help to supply the artists in Zimbabwe with canvas and paint.

In the kitchen we will have our Apple butter sauce for sale, with the recipe: Add apples to the pie or crumble, pour the apple butter sauce over them, and voilà, you have all the spices needed for a great pie.

There will be hot pumpkin soup for lunch and some chicken pies, which always sell out quickly. If nothing else, come by for a nice lunch. We may have other treats as well. Yum.

If you have a person in your life for which you have no idea what to buy, consider a beaded pig, chicken, or goat: a donation of $5 will provide you with a card saying a donation to Zimbabwe Gecko Society has been made on your behalf to start a piggery, a chicken business, or goat project.

Perhaps you want to find out a little more about what we do? Don’t hesitate to drop by and visit us for a chat.

Sue and Frank Janetti


Message from Darlington Dimungu

"Dear Sue,

I wrote to find out how you are doing and the the rest of your team. Here we are good.
I also wrote to give you an update on the developments on Rusper Community Church.
We had an evening service on Saturday 5 October and there was a splendid attendance. I share the message from Isiah chapter 1 vs 18 and the message was about the forgiveness that comes from God when we turn to Him. People were so amazed to know God was giving them another chance of turning to Him. It was really exciting.
Then on Sunday 06 October, we had our first baptism where 20 people were baptized. Indeed I have seen that God is faithful. We then had our fellowship after the baptism. The church was nearly full as well.
We have started our Sunday school lessons and our kids are more than 25. We are, this coming Sunday, starting youth services as well. We have many kids between the age of 13 to 22 and we intend to make sure they are taught the ways of the Lord in this age so that they live a life that pleases God. We are also having holy communion this Sunday. We are really excited to be serving the Lord and our people. This is the most beautiful thing that would ever happen to our lives.
Once again thank you for everything and may God bless you"

African Art Sale

Saturday and Sunday Nov. 2nd and 3rd
8:30 AM to 4 PM
Ocean Park Hall - 1577-128 Street, South Surrey

Save your Christmas shopping until you see all our goods!!!

We will be featuring unique paintings, soap stone crafts, hand painted Batik tablecloths, hand crafted bowls and spoons, baskets, beaded ornaments, beaded Christmas ornaments, hand crafted cards, and so much more. Paintings are priced to sell, well under their value in order to support Zimbabwe artists so that they can continue to paint. We have a selection of well known artists who have appeared in the Zimbabwe Art Magazine.

Chutney and Apple Butter with recipes will be available again this year. They make great hostess gifts. Home made cakes and cookies will also be available for purchase.
Join us for a cup of coffee and some delicious pumpkin soup, as well as homemade Chicken Pie and gravy and learn about what we do.

Get your Christmas shopping started early with these unique gift ideas and stocking stuffers, and make a difference in the world by supporting our worthy cause! 100% of the funds raised will go to supporting widows and orphans in Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Gecko Society.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bottle returns

Do you have refundable bottles, juice boxes, and cans cluttering your home space? You can bring them to the White Rock Return It Depot at 3221 140 St, S. Surrey. Just say you want the proceeds to go to account #41.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our account so far.

Thank you for your support!

Visit us online at