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- Advance notice - Annual Dinner and Art sale

- Note from Sue Janetti

- Letter from Erick Gwaze

- Bottle Returns

Advance notice

ZGS Annual dinner has had to be moved forward this year to October 5th. Doors opening as usual 6 pm with dinner served 6:30 sharp!! We already have 4 tables booked. If you can help by selling a table of 8 to friends it helps us and makes for a good social evening. We are keeping tickets at $40 per person. It's never too early to book. First tickets go to the buffet first 😊

ZGS Art and Craft Sale- 2nd and 3rd November at the Ocean Part hall 8:30 – 4pm Save your Christmas shopping until you see all our goods.

Note from Sue Janetti

Dear friends and family,

It's the end of June!! Where did April and May go ??

We have already sold 3 tables for the dinner so if anyone wants to book one now, feel free to e-mail me and put one, two, or more aside.

A container will be leaving Compassionate Warehouse in the near future. If you can help with funds needed to send it on its way, it would be appreciated. Most importantly right now, we need a bit of space. I don't need to collect goods other than school supplies, pens, pencils crayons, etc. for the container, but I have a few things in the wings that have already been collected for the next project: sewing machines and carpentry tools. I need some space about the size of a single garage to store ready for shipment. Can anyone help for a month or two at most?

Frank is undergoing chemo again. I know many of you want me to keep in touch regarding his well being and for your prayers. He says he is fine. That is Frank LOL. He is already planning his next trip to Zimbabwe to build a school.

Below is a letter written by Erick Gwaze. We don't usually send out a lot of newsletters but felt that all of you need to read and feel the excitement Erick expresses over the project we completed Jan to March of this year.

Enjoy your summer!
Sue and Frank

Letter from Erick Gwaze

Update of Rasper Project as written by our board member Erick Gwaze

Dear Sue, Frank and Donors in Canada, May 2019

I would like to thank you for the Rasper project. Everything is moving according to plan and beyond expectations.

I would like to advise you that we have managed to train 20 people in the carpentry division and these guys are now able to make quite a number furniture items. The machines are working well even though they are sharing one transformer.

We have sold one bed and 20 beehives and right now we got an order to repair 100 school desks and half of that job is complete. We did not intend to sell the beehives but a customer just came and said he wanted them and now we are making our own for the honey project.

We expect more orders since many people are admiring our work.

The sewing department is also doing very well, we have done a few orders over the past couple of weeks and we might secure an order to make nearly a thousand school uniforms right now we are doing the samples. Our tailors are also sewing uniforms for our ECD school at Rasper. Parents are buying for their kids.

The trainees are catching up and very soon they should be able to sew perfect clothes. 15 women are being trained at a time.

The wellness center is becoming a hive of activity since people are getting better medicine and services. The Ladies are doing a great job.
Yesterday the children at Rasper were immunised and All the people were tested and received counseling about HIV and AIDS

The school now has now registered 55 children and this is since our standards and quality of education is good. The school is the talk of the town. It is our goal to have only English spoken at the school as Education in Zimbabwe is in English. This will give the children an advantage. They love all the toys and books. The children all receive a good lunch each day which will improve their learning concentration,

We expect to get vegetables from our garden in a week’s time and will be able to sell some as well as use some for our community events and to feed the children
The project is growing every day and by the end of the year we hope to over double or triple what we are doing now.

The fun day that was suggested and paid for by Susan to bring the community together was the most memorable day for this community. Thank you for the idea because it was of great benefit to the people
The fact that a lot of people managed to come together created a spirit of oneness and love. A lot of people managed to interact and shared a lot including making friends and even those who were at odds with each other that day they shared something positive.

Food and drinks united people by the fact that they were eating from the same pot and sharing the same table and it was all laughter and joy the whole day. We had races, soccer volley ball and even the adults did egg and spoon races. Best day in a long time

Besides the fun people learnt a lot of things in life like making compost for the garden and several people assured us they were starting their composts immediately and even invited us to visit them. They also learned that working together is a tool for success and other communities around appreciated what is being done by the Rasper community.

Above all it was mixture of people from the young, the middle aged and the older people all gathered together for one purpose, just for fun. By regularly holding such events even sickness will not affect a lot of people.
People have volunteered themselves to contribute towards such events in future.
Well done Sue for such a brilliant idea.
Erick Gwaze

Thur, June 9, 2:27 PM

Hi Sue, it's a pleasure writing to you once more, l cannot contain my happiness about events unfolding at our center because it is testimony after testimony.
The church is attracting people from around the area and from the developments happening at Rasper people now believe that God is at work. Following the successful hosting of the fun day a number of people promised to join our fellowship sessions during the week. Parents of people attending our school are also willing to attend lunch time prayers and Bible studies when they come to pick their kids. People are happy with a home grown church and quite a number of people are willing to be associated with such a development. Our goal is not great sermons (which are also important) but to show Great Love to one another.

The computer center is one of the biggest developments especially for small kids, they are having an opportunity to learn computers from an early stage a thing which we had never dreamt of, even elder people are also willing to learn computers. Very soon our wi fi will be connected and we will be in touch with the outside world. This will be paid by the profits of our shop, garden, carpentry and sewing projects.

Yummy, when I talk about the kitchen my mouth starts watering because the scent of food being prepared there disturbs my brain. In the morning our cook, the one you trained susan (Zudzo)or who you called (Cookie) prepares nice food for the ECD kids and also the staff and trainees are treated to tasty lunches every day. The kitchen is nicely built and all the smoke escapes through the chimney, and cooking in such an environment is a pleasure. The community are very willing to learn how to build chimneys and as you say save them from emphysema from cooking in smoky huts.
The shop is now a place to be in our community. People used to walk a long distance to get basic commodities (10 km to the main road) but now it is now a thing of the past and they are now able to spend most of their time doing productive work at their homes. It is now convenient for parents whose kids attend our school because when they come to pick their kids they also do shopping.

The garden is also providing labor for the parents who fail to pay fees because we give them work and use their wages to pay for the fees and uniforms. Some even bring maize as payment for fees and in turn we use some of the maize for ECD food and sell the rest. The projects are so supportive of each other.
The football team is doing very well, and it plays home and away games, thanks a lot for the colorful uniforms. We sponsor their transport for all away games from our profits as well. The team is very happy and are winning most of their matches.
The netball team is also playing well, and l am happy that even the older ladies are playing.
I am happy that nearly everyone at Rasper is benefiting from the activities happening here.
We only pray to and thank God for success after success of these projects.
Erick Gwaze

Bottle returns

Do you have refundable bottles, juice boxes, and cans cluttering your home space? You can bring them to the White Rock Return It Depot at 3221 140 St, S. Surrey. Just say you want the proceeds to go to account #41.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our account so far.

Thank you for your support!

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