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- Message from Susan Janetti

- Refundable bottles return

Message from Susan Janetti

Hello All,

We have just finished our fundraising projects for this year. Due to the US $$ value we need every penny for this year's projects. Then completely unexpected I received an email that demanded I do more even though we are attempting a holiday break.
Dr. Jerome Harvey of MEMO EFCCM in Thunder Bay Ontario just wrote to me and offered us a full container that was destined for Cuba two years ago, but for various reasons can't be sent. The contents of the container fit our Jan 2019 projects exactly, in fact almost as if made to order. The delightful surprise of all this is that they are paying all the shipping costs . That is $14,000 plus. We have been asked to pay for the actual container: $3000 plus handling and distributing fees for trucks, gas, etc. , $2000. So for this container that holds numerous items worth many thousands of dollars we need to raise $5000 before the end of November. This is of course where you come in! If 50 people donated a $100 dollars, or 100 people donated $50 we would have it in no time. Can you commit to $100 ? $50 ? $25 ? I have to admit that I have already accepted the container in faith that our friends and supporters will help out. Wouldn't this make a great Christmas gift for that someone for whom you don't know what to get? Can you help?
Please let me know, Sue, zimbabwegecko@gmail.com. If making a gift to EFCCM direct please put #2-3257 as the designated account so we know it is earmarked for this container.
Many thanks. No apologies for asking. I have learned that giving is a gift to the giver too. Sue

Bottle returns

Do you have refundable bottles, juice boxes, and cans cluttering your home space? The thought of sorting them all is making you procrastinate? If you would like an easy solution, you can bring them to the White Rock Return It Depot at 3221 140 St, S. Surrey. Just say you want the proceeds to go to account #41, and that's it! You just walk away and don't even have to sort them!

Thank you to all who have contributed to our account so far. We have recently collected $350.

Thank-You for your support!

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