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- Message from Susan Janetti

- Annual Art Sale - Saturday Nov. 3 and Sunday, Nov. 4

- Refundable bottles return

Message from Susan Janetti

Hello All,

The summer just flew by packing another container for Zimbabwe. Full of very necessary items, especially as Zimbabwe is going through a crisis of shortages at this time. We have in the container medical and school supplies, hospital goods, Gleaners food, carpentry tools, sewing machines, toys, dolls and fabric, just to mention a few of the items sorted and packed, in fact crammed into the container.

We then went from the container packing to planning our October fundraising dinner. The event was well worth the effort, as we had more people than any other year. If you missed the dinner and slide show, I can tell you all the funds raised will be going to restore a huge old barn in Zimbabwe. It has 7 rooms, with the largest the size of the gym at the church, or a basket ball court. So many thanks to all who attended the dinner and to our volunteers. Thank you all for your kind donations. Each room - at least 20 x10 meters, will be renovated to become:

1. A sewing center
2. A carpentry center
3. A play center for children and Sunday school
4. A shop.
5. Living quarters/guard
6. A kitchen
7. Storage for garden tools.

There are 8 hectares of good land that come with the barn, so Farming God’s way will be taught as well. What is not accomplished this year will be seen to next year, God willing. The ground will need a well and a storage tank to water the fields. We have already started to restore the barn with part of the old roof coming off and new beams put in place. Some of the old roofing is still being used for now. We will be putting two secure metal doors in the openings and 7 doors into each room. We are knocking down walls and putting in large windows for air and light. So much to do. It is wonderful to see the community coming out and working hard on a volunteer basis. Just food is supplied. Walls will need to be skimmed and floors touched up.

Unfortunately, mid way through the renovations, the prices of every commodity soared. For example, sugar went from $4 USD to $16 USD overnight. Windows went from $120 USD to $400 USD. Fortunately, I had purchased a couple before the rise.

Once the dinner was over I started lugging all the African art supplies from upstairs to downstairs. Phew. Now all is priced and ready to go. Please see art sale flyer attached and send the information to your friends. 3rd and 4th November 8:30- 4:30. This will definitely be the last year for an art sale and you can hold me to it!! Getting too old for up and down stairs. LOL. There will be more than just arts and crafts for sale. See the information below!!

On December 31st, Frank, myself, Debbie and Glen Nightingale, will be heading to Zimbabwe to offload - set up - teach. Frank, Debbie, and Glen will be there for 6 weeks and I will stay behind to welcome Theresa LeBarge, who will join us mid January to February to teach. I will stay behind for a further 6 weeks to welcome Alison and Dr Ray Markham, and their medical team. We will all return at the end of March.

Thank you again, I am so grateful to all of you, without whom I can do nothing. Nothing!
See you at the art sale for a bowl of Pumpkin soup?

Many thanks,

Sue Janetti

Annual African Art Sale

Saturday November 3, 2018 - 8:30 am to 4pm
Sunday November 4, 2018 - 8:30 am to 4pm
Ocean Park Hall - 1577-128 Street, South Surrey

We are having another weekend African Arts & Craft Sale!!!

We will be featuring unique paintings, soap stone crafts, hand painted Batik tablecloths, hand crafted bowls and spoons, baskets, beaded animals, beaded Christmas ornaments, hand crafted cards, and so much more. Paintings are priced to sell, well under their value in order to support Zimbabwe artists so that they can continue to paint. We have a selection of well known artists who have appeared in the Zimbabwe Art Magazine.
Chutney and Apple Butter with recipes will be available again this year. They make great hostess gifts. Home made cakes and cookies will also be available for purchase.
Join us for a cup of coffee and some delicious home made Chicken Pie and gravy and learn about what we do.
Get your Christmas shopping started early with these unique gift ideas and stocking stuffers, and make a difference in the world by supporting our worthy cause! 100% of the funds raised will go to supporting widows and orphans in Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Gecko Society.

We look forward to seeing you there!
batik tablecloth

Bottle returns

Do you have refundable bottles, juice boxes, and cans cluttering your home space? The thought of sorting them all is making you procrastinate? If you would like an easy solution, you can bring them to the White Rock Return It Depot at 3221 140 St, S. Surrey. Just say you want the proceeds to go to account #41, and that's it! You just walk away and don't even have to sort them!

Thank you to all who have contributed to our account so far. We have recently collected $350.

Thank-You for your support!

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